Tools that will allow you to be on the lookout for your accounting.

A billing and management app is good. But an app that integrates a multitude of accounting reports, that's much better.

Find a variety of reports inside Sbdcloud for all of your accounting. You can see them directly from the app, or export them to Excel or PDF for further processing or to transmit them to your accountant.

Among the reports offered by SbdCloud, the app provides :

  • Expense report
  • Income report
  • Transactions report
  • Profit report per product
  • Supplier report
  • Time report for projects
  • Tax report (Quebec)

Choose a report type, determine the start and end date and find the information you are looking for.

Supplier management

Enter your suppliers in order to associate them with your expenses for accounting reports. But that's not all, configure the selected percentages to automatically keep the amounts associated with company expenses (example: 75% of the cell) and enter the percentages of taxes to save considerable time when importing your daily expenses.

Expenses management

Enter your current expenses and generate reports. View graphs in real-time to always be on top of your financial situation at any time. Associate your expenses to your different suppliers and create reports.

Import revenues

Want to start using SbdCloud for your current financial year? SbdCloud developers have thought of you! With a few clicks, import your existing income to including it in your SbdCloud accounting.

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