Real-time tracking of your product inventory.

Inventory management has become never been so easier online with SbdCloud. No need to spend a lot of time and energy in developing inventories of your products and services because you have at your disposal a simple, intuitive and easy to use interface. Easily add a product or service, manage stocks from a table and make your orders at the right time to the minimum limit of stocks.

Add a product or service with ease

No more spreadsheets to manage your products and services, which can lead to handling mistakes or oversights. Indeed, with SbdCloud’s inventory management, just add a product or service and specify the name of the product or service, price, quantity in stock and the production cost and save. In the case of a product sold or served in unlimited quantities, simply check “Unlimited Quantity”.

For each product and service, you will have the opportunity to enter the cost of production which will allow you to track your earnings in the "Reports" section.

Automatic update of products in stock

SbdCloud’s inventory management system will automatically update your inventory during invoicing. In addition, depending on the status of the invoice, the products will automatically be restocked.

Follow the quantity of your products and services from the dashboard

Monitoring the quantity of each product or service recorded in the software is very simple. You will find a summary of your products or services by selecting "Inventory" from the dashboard or from the menu. The software takes into account the quantity of the product or service you sell on each invoice to display the amount remaining in stock.

Place your orders at the right time

Avoid backorders of your products or services that could make your customers buy from your competitor. You can set the minimum stock of each product and service. Then, through your inventory tracking table, you will have the ability to track the quantity of your products and services to quickly place an order when the product is at minimum stock.

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