A simple and fast way to create and send professional invoices and quotes.

It's never been easier to create invoices and quotes with Sbdcloud billing and management application. Through a simple user interface, let yourself be easily guided in creating your various documents for your company. Select customers, products in your inventory and create your bills or your quotes.

Apply a payment on an invoice, view payment history associated with it and quickly change the statutes. When invoicing an item in inventory, the stock quantity of it is automatically updated.

Quickly send your documents

SbdCloud is easy to use! Save your documents and send them to your customers via email in PDF format directly from the application. Select the invoice or quote you want to send, and press send to instantly send it to your customer.

Create your own templates

Go to the settings to create your own document templates. You can easily add your logo and match colors to that of your company. Your customers will receive documents branded with your corporate image.

Manage recurring billing

Your services require recurring billing? No problem! SbdCloud handles it all for you. Create the initial invoice and determine when it must be regenerated. Predetermined if it is to be sent directly to your customer, or according to the due date after invoice generation.

Rapidly track late accounts

Using a graphical and intuitive table, rapidly identify all your late bills. You can see how long they are due and the unpaid balance. Then resend late notices to your clients in 1 click.

Convert your quotes into invoices

A quote has been accepted by the customer? View the quote and convert it into an invoice in 1 click.

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