A simple way to manage the different administrative aspects of your business and a tool that allows you to focus on your activities.

Customer relations

Manage your customer database and leads in all simplicity. View the history of your customers/ prospects for effective monitoring. Convert your prospects into customers in one click. Access your customer account summary to see an overview of his activities. Create and send account statements for unpaid bills and more.

Billing and quotation

Create invoices and quotes in just a few clicks then send them to your customers directly from the application as a PDF document. Create your invoice with your logo and customize your emails. Manage recurring billing and overdue bills. Restart your customers easily. Turn your quote into invoices with one click and much more.

And much more!

SbdCloud is an application which is constantly evolving. Regularly find new features, often suggested by users, which will save you time. Not to mention the fact that it is a cloud application (online), easy to use, accessible on any platform (Mac, PC, Tablet, Phone) and very safe.


Find all the data stored in the application in different reports generated. Revenue reports, expense reports, vendor reports, time reports, tax reports and more, which you can download in EXCEL and PDF formats for further processing or simply to convey to your accountant.

Project management

Easily manage your different projects and create steps for each project and the various tasks associated with them. Determine who has access to projects and define their tasks. Follow the development of projects and the time associated with them. Create invoices or quotations for a project, or for one or more steps. All this, for effective management.

Inventory Management

Follow effectively your inventory of products and services. Determine the amount of items which will be updated automatically when billing your customers. You will always be on ready to order on time from your suppliers. Determine the production cost associated with each product for reporting.

Notre logiciel de facturation est offert aux travailleurs autonomes ainsi qu'aux PME désirant acquérir une application performant et fiable au Québec. Cette application permettant de créer des factures est simple et efficace et permet la gestion d'une petite entreprise. Créer des factures et des devis avec votre logo n'aura jamais été aussi simple.