Your customers at your fingertips at all times.

Find your different types of contacts within a single interface. Fill in your customer profile, your prospects and suppliers. Add notes and more.

Track your clients effectively

With SbdCloud’s Customer Relationship Application (CRM), you'll be able to effectively monitor your customers and your prospects. Add different notes in a history timeline. Indicate your telephone conversations, your sent emails, your events and meetings. Quickly create tasks associated with your customers and your prospects, or associate clients with projects.

Turn your prospects into customers

You have reached an agreement with a prospect and want to associate him with your company as a client? Visit their profile and turn the prospect into a customer with 1 click. It will be then possible to invoice him, create an invoice and more.

View the summary of a customer account

The summary of a customer account can be a good indication of the importance that particular customer in your company. View on each of the accounts, graphs allowing you to display the income generated by the customer and the state of all his bills.

Create and send account statements

A customer has many unpaid bills? Generate an account statement and send it by email in PDF format from within his profile. The customer will then be able consult the various unpaid bills with an overall account summary.

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