Teamwork and simplified projects.

Manage your projects efficiently With SbdCloud’s project management app. Determine all the different stages of your projects, step by step, and assign tasks to them.

You decide who does what

Sbdcloud’s integrated project management facilitates teamwork. Assign users to a project and assign them tasks. Users will receive an alert when a project is assigned to them. They can also view all of their daily, weekly, monthly and overdue tasks. They can complete their tasks and specify the time allocated for each task accurately. They can even create recurring tasks for the various activities of your company.

Follow the progress of projects

See in real time inside the dashboard the progress of a project and the different steps. Check the time allocated to different tasks, or an entire overview of the project.

Create invoices and quotes

Create an invoice or a quote for the current project or for one or more project steps.

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